One has to be above materialistic gains only then the unconditional flow of energy and love to & from will affect and bring a change in a life - Sevak OM

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Bliss Within Reach - SAT/CHIT/ANAND Print

Bliss is the highest degree of happiness. Bliss (ANANDA) means perpetual happiness. “Ananda” is absolute happiness, the complete cessation of all pain and suffering. MOKSHA (Liberation) is another name for “Ananda”, because “Moksha” means the complete freedom from Ignorance, which is the source of all pain and suffering.


As per Yoga, all of us possess five KOSHAS (layers or sheaths) which actually encase the being. They are:


- Annamaya Kosha (The Physical body)

- Pranamaya Kosha (The Energy or Pranic body)

- Manonmaya Kosha (The Mental body)

- Vijnanamaya Kosha (The Intellect – the knowledge or etheric body)

- Anandamaya Kosha (The Bliss body)


Once you align the first three, the physical, mental and energy bodies, you get access to the bliss body and one can be in a constant state of blissfulness. Medically, it is a proven fact that if you are in a state of blissfulness or if you have a pleasant chemistry within yourself, your body and mind will function better.


We all want to live life to our fullest human potential, right. We all want to seek improved health and inner well being, right. We all basically want to get an improved energy & focus to increase capacity for success and multi-task, self-empowerment and personal growth, right. So how can you achieve all these? Who will guide you unconditionally?


Upanishads (Indian Scripture) are the old treatise on spirituality. When anandamaya kosha is categorically included within us, it gives the ultimate guarantee that we are by our nature blissful. It exits within us and it is always there.  Various masters down the ages, from every religion and culture, authentically express with total emphasis that by our nature we are bliss.


Our schools and colleges have taught us many things, but failed to impart the Art of Living. We proudly claim mastery over many practices but do not even give due importance to learn the art of sustaining peace in this battle of life and death. Oblivious to this art, many of us are caught in the quagmire of life and struggle to get out. We have corrupted our natural state because of faulty habits, lot of social conditioning leading to major disconnection from our inner self itself. Everyone wants permanent happiness but most of us do not experience it on perpetual basis as we tend to look at wrong place(s) Periodic happiness is the way of the mind. Perpetual happiness is the way of the divine. Our mind can never find peace until it is established in TRUTH (the essence of Bliss). As it is extremely hard to be detached from the world around us we think that this is not possible. But it is all about your "mind". We can attain Bliss without detaching from the world when we get mastery over your "mind". Bliss is the highest degree of happiness. Bliss is Invaluable, more over it can be attained by intellectual reasoning being alone- Yes humans alone have this privilege! Hence - awake from your sleep of ignorance and go and get your "Bliss"....


Nowadays we hear or see sad "News" which are becoming increasingly common in our daily newspapers or televisions - A Software professional commits suicide, Stories about murders, rapes, and of course divorces, facts about unemployment, etc. The least we could do is to equip young people mentally to meet the challenges of this generation. But - it should be with abundance of unconditional love and support along with proper guidance.


To find Real Happiness, we can turn to a simple 5-Step Formula (process) mastered by Sevakji (Sevak OM) as per guidance from the Divine Supreme Energy. Anyone who follows the formula/process with honesty and dedication, experiences the change within few months by achieving a Blissful state in life by connecting to Supreme Consciousness.


So, to fully grasp the Divinity we have to establish our mind in the divine. The 'divine' is that which is beyond both mind and matter: and that is the Self and the Supreme Self. In other words, we have to be established in our own soul (Atman) to realize the Supreme Self (Supreme Soul), and only then can we know ANANDA (True Happiness). Through regular and earnest practice of spirituality (the affirmation of our divine nature), we (as embodied souls) attain glimpses into the nature of “Reality” and experience droplets of divine bliss which drip like nectar from the fountainhead of Truth. Once we have had this 'taste' we cannot forget it and we will eventually know the true meaning of life is not only to fully know 'the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth and just becoming it.


Supreme Consciousness (Maha-chetana) is SATCHIDANANDA. This is GOD: the ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-blissful Supreme Being (Supreme Self). The closest thing to the Supreme Self is our own Soul (Atman), our own Consciousness. There is no doubt about it: the Supreme Self, Who is our Mother, Father, Relative, and Best Friend, will definitely help us realize the aim of our existence. After all, God is our Eternal Companion and is playing alongside us on the field of Creation (fashioned from Prakriti) and wants us to win the Game of Life and attain the Goal of MOKSHA. So long as we play fairly (by the Law of Dharma), trusting in our Higher Nature (possessing great Shradha, faith), and continue to expand our consciousness (by purifying our mind and senses) we will keep on achieving. For the mankind cosmic energy is a personal transformation tool. You can merge your bio-magnetism with that of the universal magnetism. Hence if we align our own energy field to the universal magnetism, we can have a joyful, blissful and successful living.