One has to be above materialistic gains only then the unconditional flow of energy and love to & from will affect and bring a change in a life - Sevak OM

His Quotes

Unconditional service to man is service to the Divine - Sevak OM


One has to be above materialistic gains only then the unconditional flow of energy and love to & from will affect and bring a change in a life - Sevak OM


Spirituality cannot be found through books or motivational speakers but through your continuous efforts to establish & maintain bridge of unconditional surrender & rightful faith to cross to the other side to merge with the Supreme Consciouness - Sevak OM


Make no mistake - the power of Unconditional love is absolutely encouraging & fulfilling - Sevak OM


When one possesses a life with a Divine touch, fragrance of unconditional love and kindness with balance of needful living and occasional pleasures you can say has Life Control - Sevak OM.


You can learn the method of Spirituality, Yoga or Meditation through Professionals but you will need a Divine Expert who is free from wordly attachments to guide you & nurture you to bring out your inner self, unconditionally - Sevak OM


You can try to learn Yoga & Meditation from any local studio but their full powers are only bestow when you respect and accept energies from the associated radiating deitys - Sevak OM


Make no mistake - if the Supreme or your God does not want you to suffer - no one can make you suffer. The Supreme Energy or your God always send someone or create a situation to give Pain and Sufferings. Don't blame Others! - Sevak OM


This path will empower you to purposefully transform the way you feel and experience yourself, enhancing your value in the world and your life - Sevak OM


I am here to WALK you the path of Spirituality & Self-realization, unlike an influential leader who TALKS for hours - Sevak Om


This path is for the ordinary poeople as well as for the extra-ordinary people, as it gives you an opportunity to be in touch with your spirit and reconfigure life the way you always wanted - Sevak OM


Attaining Bliss is the sole purpose of every human and God has helped us to realize that by giving Pain & Sufferings, however made the very same extremely hard by giving us negative thoughts & worldy attachments - Sevak OM


If a person realizes their mistakes and repents surrendering to the Supreme Divine Energy (Supreme Consciousness); all pain and sufferings will disappear attaining BLISS - Sevak OM


To be the change you want to see in this world, you must admit and repent your mistakes, clear your conscious & then educate others - Sevak OM


Self-realization is our birth right and merger with Supreme consciousness is our objective - Sevak OM


I am addicted to helping others unconditionally and have a passion to spread fragrance of spiritually - Sevak OM


I want people who can walk with me to make an unconditional impact inorder to change the world - Sevak OM


I am happily stuck in this luxirious ocean of Divinity guiding & helping others - Sevak OM


Between food and energy, I chose the Divine energy and hence it keeps me going - Sevak OM


I aim to provide unconditional love to all sharing wisdom of equality and freedom from religion & rituals believing in only one religion - "Spirituality" - Sevak OM