Attaining Bliss is the sole purpose of every human and God has helped us to realize that by giving Pain & Sufferings, however made the very same extremely hard by giving us negative thoughts & worldy attachments - Sevak OM


Energy is extremely vital part of our life system. Energy runs the entire show in our life. Energy governs the mind and soul. Our environment is engulfed in positive and negative energy. Our energy systems are alive and intelligent that they try and accumulate positive energy to live a healthy live. A Hectic metropolitan lifestyle lets negative energy creep in within us this creates an imbalance within our energy “chakras” bringing about blockages and damage. When we look after our energy systems well, actually we attend to our deepest and most profound needs, including the physical, emotional intellectual and spiritual.

The energy of all living things is derived from the SUN. The process of photosynthesis provides the mechanism by which light energy from the Sun is transformed into the chemical energy that drives living organisms.

The leaves of plants are equipped with special structures called photocenters that function as light-capturing antennae. It is a-highly organized arrangement of chlorophyll pigments within these antennae that allows the absorption and transformation of sun rays into the chemical energy needed to make glucose or chains of glucose called starch. With ample supplies of energy plant cells take simple inorganic raw materials — carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) — breaks them up and reshuffles their atoms into a different arrangement that is held together by chemical bonds. The end result is glucose in sugar cane and starch in plants like fruits, vegetables and grains.

Thus, the basic chemical equation we all learned in high school: Six molecules of carbon dioxide plus six molecules of water in the presence of sunlight yields one molecule of glucose. 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + light energy =======> C6 H12 O6 + 6 O2

Additionally, Oxygen is formed as by-product. This chemical equation, however, reflects only the beginning and end of a complex process involving hundreds of chemical reactions, each of which depends on the orderly execution of all of the preceding reactions.


How do human beings, lacking this kind of faculty that is in leaves as chlorophyll, harvest energy from the sun? Of course the obvious answer is by partaking of foods created through the above process. What may not be so obvious is that our bodies are designed with complicated networks of diverse molecules, cells, tissues, organs and organ systems that collectively enable every one of our billions of cells to obtain the energy needed to sustain themselves and carry out their individual functions.

Our digestive and nervous systems facilitate the ingestion of food and contribute the enzymes that break down sugars and starches into glucose. The endocrine system contributes insulin which, along with glucose, is delivered to cell membranes via the circulatory system.

Once it is inside the cell some glucose gets converted to glycogen — a storage form of glucose — that acts as an energy reservoir. The rest is delivered to the batteries of the cell called mitochondria. Each microscopic mitochondrion contains hundreds of enzymes with highly specific tasks. As each enzyme does its work, a chemical reaction causes breaks in the chemical bonds of the glucose molecule producing a different glucose derivative until the original molecule has been fully degraded to the components from which it arose in the plant — carbon dioxide and water.

Whenever chemical bonds are broken, energy is released. The energy released as mitochondrial enzymes break up the chemical bonds in the glucose molecule that is used by the cell for two purposes -
• The first purpose is to do the primary business of that particular cell, whether it is movement, nerve conduction, hormone production or whatever.
• The second purpose is to nourish the genetic machinery of the cell (DNA), to keep its structure and function intact.

Whenever this whole process is dissected into its tiny details, it seems tedious and mechanical. But when you stop to think that a redwood, a whale and you and I are interconnected by virtue of our dependence on sunbeams it seems to be a miracle. We are all the Sun's children, with plants serving as abundant, efficient intermediaries that sustain our life.

The point of this whole write up is - Spiritually speaking if you can awake your inner-consciousness then through third-eye you can harvest energy directly from the Sun just as plants do without any external food. However, it is extremely hard to achieve this in today world though not impossible. Energy from Sun and Supreme energy are inter-related and hence once your third-eye is opened and your kundalini shakti is in Sahasrar Chakra and you can process this energy.