Life Relationship Issues

The term relationship is widely used to describe the companionship and love shared between two individuals. When people are comfortable with each other, they like to enter into a relationship. Relationship is created out of arranged marriages too. Relationship happens out of trust, respect, commitment, understanding, love and care. So it is such a beautiful experience for anyone to witness the blossoming of the relationship. Indeed relationships are very sacred. When people enter into relationships their perception changes. The whole world becomes so beautiful and they start living with great joy and enthusiasm. Few have the privilege of taking the relationship to deeper levels and experience heavenly life. Many people do not get to enjoy the happiness for long as so many issues crop up and they end up facing uncontrollable situations. Why this complete shift occurs and what are the factors that we need to consider in order to maintain relationships? Here are the most prominent ones:

We tend to give quite a lot of time to each other when relationships begins. In our life the other person becomes a priority. Slowly the attention gets shifted. Something else makes it to the top of the priority list. So even without realizing it, we tend to devote lesser and lesser time. In the process, by the time when spending time with each other gets the least priority the whole charm of the relationship gets lost. In the fast phase of a  highly demanding life, partners should give quality time to each other because no amount of wealth, success, or popularity can replace the peace of mind and happiness gained through relationship.

During the initial stage of a good relationship, there is a complete identity with one another. The term falling in love has a beautiful connotation, as the ego simply vanishes and it is a very beautiful experience when the other becomes everything in life. Strangely for many, this phase is just a temporary phenomenon. We just cannot keep on talking on idealistic things. What we need to acknowledge is first of all relationship happens out of acceptance and identification. So it is better to be a source of inspiration to each other by encouraging their individual interests and helping each other to accomplish their dreams. If they are able to chase a dream together, it is self-rewarding. Otherwise giving space to each other to grow becomes a necessity. In the relationship one becomes the strength of another. Whatever the individual’s dreams are, there should be an understanding that the purpose of life gets meaningful because of the partner. There is an art of sailing together and due care should be taken not to provoke the ego of the life partner. When there is a great respect for each other, life partners will have an eye to appreciate the ideas, performance and visions of each other.

The strength of relationship basically lies on trust. The trust needs to be gained in absolute terms. It is a commitment and the loyalty is expected entirely. People, who compromise on this, cannot experience the privilege of relationship for long. Over a period of time a many differences of opinions crop up and disappointments also happen as many expectations remain unattended. Still people may continue to enjoy a great relationship just on the strength of love and trust. Hence there should never be compromise in being loyal and committed.

We keep growing and the quantum of exposure enhances our ability. No two persons think alike. We should not oversee the fact that in relationship there are two individuals. How effectively we are able to carry on with each another determines the depth of our understanding. Moreover, we are not perfect. We tend to commit mistakes, remaining insensitive to the wishes of another. So differences of opinions and fights bound to happen. When the person is important, none of the differences matter at all. If we have committed mistakes unknowingly, we should have a larger heart to say sorry. There should always be an effective means of communication with a lot of patience. Periodically the couple should sort out every difference of opinion gracefully. Lack of communication will lead to a misunderstanding and failure of a good relationship.

Bubbly and cheerfulness make life a very interesting and enjoyable phenomenon. When life is fun, even serious issues are handled in a graceful manner. Where there is complete sincerity and light heartedness, the life gets lived to the fullest extent. Due to accumulation of various tensions and chasing of targets, we start approaching life with seriousness. With this mind set we blow issues out of proportion and keep record of all the mistakes for frequent references. The love takes the shape of hatred too. People should be sincere but not serious. When the life partners are in friendly terms, their understanding level gets deeper and enjoy life in the broader vision of give and take. When they are sportive enough, they just keep going, cherishing and preserving the gift of life called love.

Negativity appears in the form of stress, black-magic, voodoo, witchcraft, and evil spirits. Millions of people suffer and are victims of negativity one way or another. The best recourse to deal with Negativity is Meditation, Yoga and worship of a powerful divine energy. Only these combinations will ensure physical, mental and soul safety, development and complete serenity. It will put a permanent bandage on any relationship. Negativity can change a person’s behavior and or attitude in just a few days if not in minutes. The presence of negativity is very damaging to any relationship. Whenever its presence is not acknowledge and dealt with the end result is a guaranteed turmoil and eventually change of life.