The Bliss Formula™

Sevakji says “I’m not here to show you some fantasy-world solution that promises the abundance of the universe but fails to deliver. It is a travesty to see so many people earnestly searching for ways to improve their lives only to end up more disillusioned and disgusted than ever”.

Initiation through Sevakji and receiving the simple truths of blissful living will give a full shape to your potential. This initiation provides protection from negativity (black-magic, voodoo, witchcraft, stress), peace of mind, positive cosmic energy, a platform to walk towards Spirituality to attain Bliss, and the most important factor to boost up your capability to handle things better. This energy initiation will also awaken your Kundalini Serpent Power after which through self-discipline and commitment to Bliss Formula one can lead their Kundalini all the way to Sahastra Chakra.

His philosophy is encoded in a simple five step process initiated with Tri-Shakti Energy known as “The Bliss Formula“.

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